Walid al Massih

Walid Georges Al Massih (born June 7, 1982), better known as Walid Al Massih, is a Lebanese record producer, composer, and musician.
Walid’s first full credit production work was in 2004 on Shah Lounge for a club of the same name in Beirut that he used to perform at. After further successful work on Ragheb Alama’s 2009 album Baasha’ak and Maya Nehme’s 2009 single War’a Bayda, Walid became a prominent producer for Arabic pop artists.
He has collaborated with numerous artists, including Ragheb Alama, Maya Nehme, Belime, UTN1, Myriam Fares, Ziad Borji, Ayman Zbib, Adam and Star Academy’s Myriam Atallah, Mia Haddad, and many more.