Mia Haddad

Mia Haddad is a Lebanese lead vocalist born on the 20th of September 1985 and raised in between Zgharta and Ehden.
She and her younger brother were brought up in a small family that has a deep appreciation to arts and music. From a very early age, she was influenced by the music of great artists, both specific to her own culture and international. Mia graduated with a BS in Human Nutrition and a Masters degree in Public Health from USEK. While she focused on her career as a nutrition consultant in several health institutions over the next several years, she continued to harbor a hidden passion for singing and longed for the sweet escape music would provide.
In 2011, Mia competed in a Lebanese Singing Championship and won the title, earning her the opportunity to represent Lebanon in Ireland and gain recognition for her voice at international levels. This championship was the milestone that led her towards the singing path. Her mezzo soprano voice helped her in performing various musical genres, mainly pop and funk covering French, English, and oriental songs. Determined to ever improve on her talents and move forward with a musical career, she took singing lessons at several renowned music schools. Her first solo “Shou yaaneh el-rahil” is a tribute to her father who had passed away unexpectedly, an experience that left her out of words yet only to express how she feels through her music. The single is yet one of Mia’s greatest achievements, as it was written, composed, and arranged by Ghadi Rahbani, and filmed by Miled Tauk.
On a personal level, Mia loves traveling, reading, and practicing spirituality as part of her daily routine. She believes that family always comes first. Her motto in life “when things go wrong, always say that God has a better plan for you” has inspired her to face life’s challenges with determination and helped her achieve dreams that many considered unattainable.


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